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The following universities, technical colleges, and career centers offer 2 and 4-year degrees, post-secondary education, adult education, and targeted workforce training programs:


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Additional information on our area’s workforce forecasts, trends, data and success stories is also available from Workenomics™, a team of professionals committed to supporting private and public economic and workforce development efforts in Licking County. To learn more about their ability to tailored training programs and efforts to create, sustain and retain a viable workforce in Licking County, visit

Property Inventory Updates

We are proud to feature a cross-section of sites, facilities, and up-coming development opportunities from throughout Licking County. These featured properties are a representative sample of the high-quality development options available in Licking County. Even more product and inventory is available by clicking the "Property Search" tab, or by contacting us directly. We look forward to assisting you.

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